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5 Easy Steps to Purchase a Suppressor

In Stock Suppressors at Pike Tactical Pike Road Alabama
Suppressors at Pike Tactical

5 Steps to Purchase Suppressors at Pike Tactical

Buying a suppressor (sometimes referred to as a silencer, although this name is misleading) is often looked upon as a daunting, or otherwise unobtainable task. Indeed, some steps must be taken above and beyond that of purchasing a firearm, and there are extended wait times. With that in mind, Pike Tactical is here to help you manage your first purchase or your next purchase!

We work with the top-selling suppressor company in the nation, Silencer Shop. This is not a requirement, and dealers may choose to handle the ATF paperwork on their own. The issue with this is the increased chances of mistakes that will cost you months of wait times. We chose to partner with Silencer Shop because their accuracy and approval rates are second to none!

Step 1: Picking your Suppressor

So, how does this work? There are two ways to purchase a suppressor from Pike Tactical. First, by choosing us as your dealer, you can shop from the comfort of your home. Simply select us, add the items to your cart, and pay Silencer Shop directly. They will ship your suppressor to us, and we will call you for the next steps. The second, and more engaging way, is to stop by and have a conversation about the process. See what suppressors we have in stock and if any of those would suit your needs (fun fact – we stock hard-to-get items of top brands so you do not have to search endlessly or get on wait lists). Select an in-stock item or we can order the item you want directly. You will pay upfront for the item although you do not take the item home.

Step 2: Set up Profile

You will need to build an account on Silencer Shop. This can be done in-store, or at home. Regardless of how you shop, you will need to submit a set of fingerprints for this process. We can roll those fingerprints in-store, or you can pay/obtain a digital set of fingerprints elsewhere (hint, your local sheriff will get you a digital set for free if you wish). The fingerprints are digitized and locked into your Silencer Shop profile – which means this is a one-time step, no matter how many NFA items you purchase in the future, so long as it is with Silencer Shop. Additionally, you will need to submit a passport-style photo. This can be done on the Silencer Shop app, or we can handle this in-store.

Step 3: Chose Filing Status

Once you have your item is picked, you need to decide how you want to file your electronic Form 4. Generally, this is either as an individual or through a trust. At Pike Tactical, we strongly advise purchasing a trust directly from Silencer Shop. The benefit of purchasing a trust is that you can add or subtract beneficiaries (people who can possess or use) of the NFA item. This means you can put your spouse, kids, relatives, friends, or any legal person you trust into a legal position to handle the item. We are happy to talk about the pros/cons of filing as an individual or a trust if you have concerns. Once your filing status is chosen, you will need to purchase your tax stamp through Silencer Shop.

Step 4: DocuSign

Next, you will receive a DocuSign from Silencer Shop. This may take several days to come in but keep on the lookout, as this step is required to move on. Once your DocuSign is complete, you will get a follow-up email that your items are ready to certify and submit. For this final step, you will need an ATF eForms account. Specifically, you need your login and your PIN. The certification and submitting process may be done in-store, or remotely.

Step 5: Approval

Once the process is certified and submitted, you can relax and forget about the item for the next several months. The ATF states their turnaround goal is 90 days. At the time of writing, current times are approx. 7 months. While this is much higher than 90 days, the times are indeed dropping, which is a good thing! Once we are notified of your approval, we will contact you to come pick up your items.

As stated, this is a process, but it is worthwhile. The joy of shooting suppressed and saving your hearing is worth it! Not only are you a benefactor of shooting suppressed but so is everyone nearby.

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